Breed Numbers for Exotics

* the new registration numbers are came into force on 1 June 2007 and are as amended July 2009

Description Breed no. after 1Jun07 Breed no. before 1Jun07   Description Breed no. after 1Jun07 Breed no. before 1Jun07
Black  70.1 70.15   Blue Tortie Tabby & White 70.12a8t 70.31g
Blue-eyed white 70.2 70.14   Blue Tortie Silver Tabby & White 70.12a8ts 70.31gts
Orange eyed white 70.2a 70.14a   Chocolate Tortie Bi-colour  70.12a9 70.31h
Odd-eyed white 70.2b 70.14b   Chocolate Tortie Smoke Bi-colour  70.12a9s 70.31hs
Blue 70.3 70.16   Chocolate Tortie Tabby & White 70.12a9t 70.31ht
Red Self 70.4 70.15d   Chocolate Tortie Silver Tabby & White 70.12a9ts 70.31hts
Cream  70.5 70.17   Lilac Tortie Bi-colour  70.12a10 70.31j
Black Smoke 70.6 70.36   Lilac Tortie Smoke Bi-colour  70.12a10s 70.31js
Blue Smoke 70.6a 70.36a   Lilac Tortie Tabby & White 70.12a10t 70.31jt
Chocolate Smoke 70.6b 70.36b   Lilac Tortie Silver Tabby & White 70.12a10ts 70.31jts
Lilac Smoke 70.6c 70.36c   Blue-cream 70.13 70.28
Red Smoke 70.6d 70.36d   Blue-cream 70.13 70.28
Tortie Smoke 70.6e 70.36e   Seal-pointed 70.13b1 70.40.1
Cream Smoke 70.6f 70.36f   Blue-pointed 70.13b2 70.40.2
Blue-Cream Smoke 70.6g 70.36g   Chocolate-pointed 70.13b3 70.40.3
Chocolate Tortie Smoke 70.6h 70.36h   Lilac-pointed 70.13b4 70.40.4
Lilac Tortie Smoke 70.6j 70.36j   Red-pointed 70.13b5 70.40.5
Silver Tabby 70.7 70.18   Tortie-pointed 70.13b6 70.40.6
Blue Silver Tabby 70.7a 70.18a   Cream-pointed 70.13b7 70.40.7
Chocolate Silver Tabby 70.7b 70.18b   Blue-cream-pointed 70.13b8 70.40.8
Lilac Silver Tabby 70.7c 70.18c   Chocolate Tortie-pointed 70.13b9 70.40.9
Red Silver Tabby 70.7d 70.18d   Lilac cream-pointed 70.13b10 70.40.10
Tortie Silver Tabby 70.7e 70.18e   Seal Tabby-pointed 70.13b11 70.40.11
Cream Silver Tabby 70.7f 70.18f   Blue Tabby-pointed 70.13b12 70.40.12
Blue Tortie Silver Tabby 70.7g 70.18g   Chocolate Tabby-pointed 70.13b13 70.40.13
Chocolate Tortie Silver Tabby 70.7h 70.18h   Lilac Tabby-pointed 70.13b14 70.40.14
Lilac Tortie Silver Tabby 70.7j 70.18j   Red Tabby-pointed 70.13b15 70.40.15
Brown Tabby 70.8 70.2   Cream Tabby-pointed 70.13b16 70.40.17
Blue Tabby 70.8a 70.20a   Tortie Tabby-pointed 70.13b17 70.40.16
Chocolate Tabby 70.8b 70.20b   Blue-Cream Tabby-pointed 70.13b18 70.40.18
Lilac Tabby 70.8c 70.20c   Chocolate Tortie Tabby-pointed 70.13b19 70.40.19
Tortie Tabby 70.8e 70.20e   Lilac Cream Tabby-pointed 70.13b20 70.40.20
Cream Tabby 70.8f 70.20f   Silver Spotted Tabby 70.30.7 70.30s
Blue Tortie Tabby 70.8g 70.20g   Blue Silver Spotted Tabby 70.30.7a 70.30as
Chocolate Tortie Tabby 70.8h 70.20h   Chocolate Silver Spotted Tabby 70.30.7b 70.30bs
Lilac Tortie Tabby 70.8j 70.20j   Lilac Silver Spotted Tabby 70.30.7c 70.30cs
Red Tabby 70.9 70.19   Red Silver Spotted Tabby 70.30.7d 70.30ds
Black Tipped 70.10 70.39   Tortie Silver Spotted Tabby 70.30.7e 70.30es
Tortoiseshell 70.11 70.21   Cream Silver Spotted Tabby 70.30.7f 70.30fs
Chocolate Tortie 70.11b 70.21b   Blue Tortie Silver Spotted Tabby 70.30.7g 70.30gs
Lilac Cream Tortie 70.11c 70.21c   Chocolate Tortie Silver Spotted Tabby 70.30.7h 70.30hs
Tortie & White 70.12.1 70.22   Lilac Tortie Silver Spotted Tabby 70.30.7j 70.30js
Black & White Bi-colour 70.12a1 70.31   Chocolate Spotted Tabby 70.30.8b 70.30b
Black Smoke Bi-colour 70.12a1s 70.31s   Blue Spotted Tabby 70.30.8a 70.30a
Brown Tabby & White 70.12a1t 70.31t   Chocolate Spotted Tabby 70.30.8b 70.30b
Black Silver Tabby & White 70.12a1ts 70.31ts   Lilac Spotted Tabby 70.30.8c 70.30c
Blue Tortie & White 70.12.2 70.22a   Tortie Spotted Tabby 70.30.8e 70.30e
Blue & White Bi-colour 70.12a2 70.31a   Cream Spotted Tabby 70.30.8f 70.30f
Blue Smoke Bi-colour 70.12a2s 70.31as   Blue Tortie Spotted Tabby 70.30.8g 70.30g
Blue Tabby & White Bi-colour 70.12a2t 70.31at   Chocolate Tortie Spotted Tabby 70.30.8h 70.30h
Blue Silver Tabby & White 70.12a2ts 70-31ats   Lilac Tortie Spotted Tabby 70.30.8j 70.30j
Chocolate Tortie & White 70.12.3 70.22b   Red Spotted Tabby 70.30.9 70.30d
Chocolate & White Bi-colour 70.12a3 70.31b   Chocolate 70.50b 70.15b
Chocolate Smoke Bi-colour  70.12a3s 70.31bs   Lilac 70.50c 70.15c
Chocolate Tabby & White Bi-colour 70.12a3t 70.31bt   Blue Shaded Silver 70.51a 70.75a
Chocolate Silver Tabby & White 70.12a3ts 70.31bts   Chocolate Shaded Silver 70.51b 70.75b
Lilac Tortie & White 70.12.4 70.22c   Lilac Shaded Silver 70.51c 70.75c
Lilac & White Bi-colour 70.12a4 70.31c   Red Shaded Silver 70.51d 70.75d
Lilac Smoke Bi-colour  70.12a4s 70.31cs   Tortie Shaded Silver 70.51e 70.75e
Lilac Tabby & White Bi-colour 70.12a4t 70.31ct   Cream Shaded Silver 70.51f 70.75f
Lilac Silver Tabby & White 70.12a4ts 70.31cts   Blue Tortie Shaded Silver 70.51g 70.75g
Red & White Bi-colour 70.12a5 70.31d   Chocolate Tortie Shaded Silver 70.51h 70.75h
Red Smoke Bi-colour  70.12a5s 70.31ds   Lilac Tortie Shaded Silver 70.51j 70.75j
Red Tabby & White Bi-colour 70.12a5t 70.31dt   Blue Tipped 70.52a 70.39a
Red Silver Tabby & White 70.12a5ts 70.31dts   Chocolate Tipped 70.52b 70.39b
Tortie Smoke Bi-colour  70.12a6s 70.31es   Lilac Tipped 70.52c 70.39c
Tortie Tabby & White 70.12a6t 70.31et   Red Tipped 70.52d 70.39d
Tortie Silver Tabby & White 70.12a6ts 70.31ets   Tortie Tipped 70.52e 70.39e
Cream & White Bi-colour 70.12a7 70.31f   Cream Tipped 70.52f 70.39f
Cream Smoke Bi-colour  70.12a7s 70.31fs   Blue-cream Tipped 70.52g 70.39g
Cream Tabby & White 70.12a7t 70.31ft   Chocolate Tortie Tipped 70.52h 70.39h
Cream Silver Tabby & White 70.12a7ts 70.31fts   Lilac Cream Tipped 70.52j 70.39j
Blue Tortie Bi-colour  70.12a8 70.31g   Pewter 70.53 70.73
Blue Tortie Smoke Bi-colour  70.12a8s 70.31gs   Blue Pewter 70.53a 70.73a
        Golden 70.54 70.74
        Shaded Silver 70.55 70.75