about exotics

Tortie and white exotic

The Exotic Shorthair is a shorthair cat with Persian 'type'. They are shown in the Persian (Longhair) Section at GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) cat shows. They are a relatively new breed in the UK with many admirers,and are a happy, healthy and mischievous breed. With an easily maintained coat they have quickly established themselves as both a striking show cat and a loving pet.

Black tipped exotic

Exotic beginnings.....

For many years, British Shorthair breeders had occasionally mated their British cats to Longhairs in order to improve the bone, body shape, eye colour etc. The subsequent kittens from these matings were usually too 'over-typed' or with a too soft and long coat to show them as British Shorthairs. They were nevertheless very attractive with a look of their own.

Brown tabby exotic

Some breeders wanted to maintain this different 'look' and decided to develop a 'new' breed by breeding from these kittens and so the Exotic Shorthair in the UK arrived! In 1983, the Exotic Cat Club was formed and the members of the Committee of the Club worked hard to promote and obtain recognition for the breed.

cream tabby exotic

This recognition came in 1986 when the GCCF awarded Preliminary Recognition to the breed. Championship status was obtained in 1995, and now exotics are among the top show winners in the UK.

Red silver exotic



For more information about Registration Policies, Standards of Points, qualified Jugdes, go to the Exotic Breed Advisory Committee (BAC) website.