Joining the Exotic Cat Club

Why be a Member?

The Club encourages all those who own, breed, exhibit or even just have an interest in the lovely Exotic Shorthair cat, to become a member of the Exotic Cat Club. Membership offers all the advantages of being within a community of cat lovers who have a special affection for the Exotic. Many members have a wealth of knowledge relating to all aspects of the Cat Fancy and they will share this knowledge and expertise to other members for the benefit and welfare of our cats.

The Club actively promotes the breed within the UK Cat Fancy. The Club is active on the GCCF Council, is a highly participant member of the GCCF Breed Advisory Committee for Exotic cats, being proactive in the organisation of breed specialist Seminars, and has a Club welfare fund to aid cases of distress.

The Club holds each year a Championship Show, which specializes in showcasing exclusively Exotics (with additional classes for household pets).

The Club regularly produces a newsletter and other informative information.

How to become a Member?

Any application for Membership should be supported by a Proposer and a Seconder. Please contact any member of the Committee if this presents a problem. Annual subscription is £5.00 for a single membership with £7.00 for a joint Membership and £2.50 for Juniors (under the age of 16 yrs).

Applications for Membership should be sent to the Membership Secretary.

Get a copy of the Application Form here

Pay by Standing Order - Get a copy of the Standing Order Form here