Third Championship Show

Saturday, 5th April 2003

Easter Hat Parade

Waspugh Beautiful Bluebell

Easter Hat Winner
Ms J Shipley with Waspugh Beautiful Bluebell
Ch Olikatz Clowninaround
Mrs V Norman with Ch Olikatz Clowninaround
Vivaldi Chequers
Mrs S Wallace with Vivaldi Chequers
Hadfields Flame On
Mrs A Cahalane with Hadfields Flame On
GRC & Pr FInchfield Hiho Silver
Miss S Cairns with
GRC & Pr FInchfield Hiho Silver
Caszan Ballo InmascheraM Fawcett with
Caszan Ballo Inmaschera
Moonwalkers Lucy Cattwell
Mrs Walker with
Moonwalkers Lucy Cattwell
Vivaldi Simply RedMiss K Edkins with
Vivaldi Simply Red