Fifth Championship Show

Saturday, 2nd April 2005

Anne Gregory
Anne Gregory, one of our Judges, making the crucial decision
Louvane Stevenson
Louvane Stevenson, one of our Judges admiring a stunning Exotic kitten
Sally Tokens
Sally Tokens, one of our Judges, finding time to cuddle Skye the Best in Show Household Pet winner
Carole Gainsbury
Carole Gainsbury, one of our Judges, looking happy with the task ahead
Champion Jedidiah Calypso
Carol White with Champion Jedidiah Calypso winning his Grand Challenge Certificate
Birgit Solstein with Ch & Gr Pr Finchfield Carbon Copy
Birgit Solstein with Champion Finchfield Carbon Copy winning his Premier Certificate as a neuter
Doll Like Asti Mondoro of Linnel
Linda Dutton with Doll Like Asti Mondoro of Linnel, her import from Russia, winning her Challenge Certificate.
Champion Jedidiah Jian
Birgit Solstein with Champion Jedidiah Jian winning his Challenge Certificate; Jian is a black smoke co-owned with Val Loucaidou
Champion Maewyn Merlin
Carol Phillips with Champion Maewyn Merlin winning a further Challenge Certificate
Eliensis Missmuffitt
Jan Brady with her Eliensis Missmuffitt, a Tortie kitten winning her 7 to 9 month class
Val Loucaidou with Gr Ch Jedidiah Jian
Charlotte Taylor with her delightful Paddles, one of the delightful household pets and happy prize winner
Khanate Petite Fleur
David Birbeck with his Blue Tortie Tabby kitten Khanate Petite Fleur winning her 5 to 7 month class
Zendique Quentin Tarantino
Jane Allen with her blue and white kitten Zendique Quentin Tarantino winning his 14 weeks to 5 months kitten class.
Citoxe Rosie Posie
Carol Phillips with her black girl Citoxe Rosie Posie winning her Challenge Certificate.
Champion Tracylooe Teddybear
Lou Carter with her blue male Champion Tracylooe Teddybear winning the Grand Challenge Certificate
Vivaldi Whollysmoke
Wendy Wallace and Stephanie Powis with Wendy’s Vivaldi Whollysmoke, who won his 7 to 9 month kitten class.
Zendique XQuiz
Jane Allen with her Cream Tabby kitten Zendique XQuiz It winning her 5 to 7 month class
Shelagh Heavens
Shelagh Heavens – the hard working Show Manager taking time off to pose for the camera
Birgit Solstien
Birgit Solstien, our Duty vet, diligently checking all the entries on arrival at the Show
Sally Tokens and Anne Gregory
Sally Tokens and Anne Gregory, two of our Judges finding that judging has its lighter moments.